Weekend Roundup: No. 251


Eek, Christmas is next week! I’m actually feeling really good about it. I still have a few stocking stuffers to purchase, but otherwise I’m done. Everything I’ve purchased is wrapped. I even love my wrapping paper this year (Sugar Paper for Target). 

Last night Lawson asked how many days he has off from preschool. I counted – 18! That does sound slightly daunting as we all do better with a routine, but it will be nice to sleep in and not have to rush out of the house. Yes, we have to rush to be to school by 8:30. 

I’ve worked out 3x this week. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s progress. I’ve done a barre3 online workout twice and ran for 30 minutes while Lawson was at gymnastics (Sybil was at school). 

Tomorrow I’m getting a much needed pedicure and Sunday we’re taking the kids to see a children’s version of the Nutcracker. Then my parents and brother arrive for the week to celebrate Christmas with us!

I have no idea what my posting schedule will be like the next few weeks. I do have drafts of some year in review posts that I always like to put together. It’s fun to document our year and I get to look into site analytics to see which posts were the most popular. Enjoy a (hopefully) slower next couple of weeks before the calendar turns to a new decade!


Ever since I had surgery, Sybil has cried at preschool drop-off. Crying is actually a mild term for her – it was a full on scream. But yesterday is the first time in months she didn’t cry. I was so proud of her. 


I caught a cold late last week that’s lingered. Sybil had a fever yesterday afternoon. She’s prone to high fevers (she’s had several 105 fevers) and always puts me on high alert. Hoping it passes quickly. 


I ordered these boots during a recent Madewell sale and didn’t want to like them. Turns out they are really comfortable. I’m still debating if I’ll wear them enough for my stay at home lifestyle, but I highly recommend them. They also come in a brown and black. Currently on sale plus an additional promo!


I started and finished The Hating Game. I don’t know how much reading I’ll get in during the holidays, but I’ve got The Home for Unwanted Girls (a recommendation from a friend), City of Girls and Know My Name to read next. We’ll see if I get a new book in my stocking this year too!

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