Weekend Roundup: No. 252

Weekend Roundup

Oof, 2020 has not started off on a healthy note for us. After a terrible cold for two weeks, I finally brought Lawson into the doctor on Wednesday to find out he has an ear infection. He was so badly congested that he threw up multiple times a day. I called the nurse line on Monday and they said if he had a fever for more than 3 days to bring him in. So glad I finally did and he now has antibiotics to quickly get back on track.

Yesterday afternoon as Lawson and Sybil were taking a bath, I noticed Lawson had these huge red rashes covering his legs and back of his arms. I immediately thought they were an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. After speaking to the nurse, I’m 50/50 if it was a rash or actual hives, but they switched his medication to be safe anyway. 

At the beginning of December, I purchased an annual subscription to barre3 online classes. A month into it and I’m proud to report it’s become a regular part of my routine. My goal is to do 3 barre3 classes a week along with running twice (one of which is a longer run on the weekend). They have options for cardio, mindfulness and strength training. I’ve been doing one of each a week. 

I started another “almost” Whole30 on Monday. My goal is 95% Whole30 eating and 5% “cheats and treats.” After the holidays I was tired of feeling bloated. I’ve already noticed a difference. This sweet potato hash has been my go to breakfast this week.  

Have you been following the royal news about Harry and Meghan? I find it fascinating. As always, Elizabeth Holmes is my source for all things royal.

Jim and I finished season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel this week. I feel a little lost without it to watch. It is such a great series! 

This weekend we are free of plans on Saturday and then meeting friends for brunch on Sunday. Mix in a some house hunting, workouts, and the usual weekend errands/chores (grocery store, laundry, meal planning, cleaning) and it will go by all too quickly.


It’s well documented that Sybil and I have had our share of tough periods. Lately I find myself smiling at her often. She’s silly and sassy in a sweet way. The way she puts her hand on her hip. The way she dances when a favorite song comes on. The way she jumps on her trampoline. The way she touches my face and tells me she loves “only the girls.” 


Lawon’s ongoing cold was definitely a bummer of the week.


The rainbow sweatshirt by Culk was on my wish list for over a year. I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas (thanks Tosh!). It is incredibly soft. I also bought the Lake Tahoe sweatshirt in navy for myself and minimal bridge sweatshirt for Lawson as his one clothing gift from us. All three are incredibly soft and warm. It’s a small company based out of San Francisco. I can personally vouch for their awesome customer service too! 


My dad gifted me his copy of Boys in the Boat for Christmas. I’m five pages in and I can already tell it’s going to be great. I also found out yesterday that Christmas Shopaholic is ready for me to pick up at the library. 

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