Weekend Roundup: No. 257


We’re officially in the part of winter where I don’t want to wear anything weather appropriate. The other night I told Jim I was over the cold and shoveling. I’m lacking motivation in all aspects of my life. I felt the same way last year and I know it will pass. But I’ll be happy when I’m not wearing a sweater every day.

We had a great time last weekend with my brother and his girlfriend. Lawson and Sybil loved playing with them. Skiing was fun. Lawson wanted to go down a hill by himself, which he’s definitely not ready to do. Now both Lawson and Sybil want to go skiing again this winter, which we’re hoping to do during their spring break.

I’ve started to think about summer plans for the kiddos. While I’m looking forward to a more relaxed schedule, we all need routine. Considering an art camp, golf lessons for Lawson, swim lessons for both of them and maybe gymnastics for Lawson. 

Sybil’s classmate was wearing this cute jacket the other day. In an effort to get her to wear a jacket of any kind, I ordered it immediately. It was on sale for $6 so I figured it’s worth a shot. While I was ordering, I got this $9 sherpa jacket for Lawson.

Our visitors continued this weekend with one of my girlfriends from Arizona staying with us. It was a fantastic 3 days! We went out to lunch with the kiddos on Friday, left a sick Lawson home with Jim and Sybil on Saturday for lunch and an afternoon of shopping and then capped it off with a mid-morning/2nd breakfast trip to Moxie. Oh and lots of play time mixed in between.


Sybil and I started a 6-week art class this week. One of her classmates told me about it so they went together. It was different from our norm and a lot of fun.


After being up with Sybil for 3 hours on Thursday night, Lawson woke me up on Friday night saying his stomach hurt. He threw up several times that night and Saturday morning. Luckily it was a 24 hour bug because he rebounded today.


I’m starting to build a collection of flowy tops from Madewell, like this ruffle yoke top in pinstripe. I couldn’t tell from the photos, but the reviews said it’s a white and blue stripe combo, which is right up my alley.


I have less than 100 pages left in Boys in the Boat. I am hooked! It keeps getting better and better. It’s not a fast read by any means, but I’ve been more excited to pick it up each night. 

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