What I Wore: No. 15

Since I skipped a week of posting them, I’ve got lots of looks to share today! I was going to spare you every single day, but then it became a challenge of sorts to find the photos and remember what I wore and when. So here are 12 of my recent outfits!

Everlane Sweater

SATURDAY: sweater // jeans // sneakers (similar) // coat // tote

Casual Monday

MONDAY: shirt // jeans // boots

Plaid Scarf

TUESDAY: sweater // scarf // jeans // boots // coat // tote

Teddy Coat

WEDNESDAY: shirt // jeans // boots // coat // tote

Lululemon Align

THURSDAY: leggings // boots // jacket // tote

FRIDAY: sweater // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket // tote

I didn’t get a full body picture of my ski clothes, but I had to include this photo for fun anyway. My brother, his girlfriend and Jim skied for a few hours. Lawson got in a little practice. Sybil and I hung out and drank hot chocolate. It was a fun day followed by an even better dinner on our way home.

MONDAY: sweater // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket

TUESDAY: fleece // jeans // shoes // coat // tote

WEDNESDAY: shirt // sweater (similar) // jeans // boots // coat // tote

This is as much pattern mixing as you’ll ever see me attempt.

THURSDAY: sweatshirt (use link for $20 off your order)// leggings

FRIDAY: shirt // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket (old banana republic) // tote

Annnnnd we’re all caught up! I am more than ready for short sleeves, but I’ll settle for lightweight shirts. Spring will be here soon, right??


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