Weekend Roundup: No. 258

Dairy Block

Our month of visitors continues this weekend with a visit from Jim’s mom. She agreed to plan it for this weekend so Jim and I could go to the preschool fundraiser ball tomorrow. Parents night out, here we come!

I got back into working out this week, which always helps me feel more productive. Now if I could get my sweet tooth under control. 

We hardly every buy furniture for our house. It hasn’t been a big focus, especially while we’re renting and on one income. After looking for a bit, we purchased two swivel chairs from West Elm (in pink!) along with two ottomans. Jim has a much better eye for how it will look once it comes together. I can’t visualize it as well, but he’s generally right so I trust his judgement. I’ll update you next week when the chairs arrive!

At the start of the year, I put together a monthly “schedule” of each room/space in our house. My goal is to go through and purge items we no longer use and organize the rest. Two months in and I’m mostly on track. I did the kitchen this week. While I didn’t get rid of much, it was so nice to organize everything again. Even purging a few items freed up space for the rest. 

Today I’m starting the weekend off with our normal lunch out and then getting a manicure. Tomorrow we’ll get dressed up for the fundraiser. I plan to fit in a couple of runs outside, including a longer one. The weather is looking more like spring and I’m quite excited about it. 


Can the entire month be a high point? We’ve had such a fun time with all of our visitors. Next week is going to be a shock to all of us without any visitors to look forward to. 


Is this week 3 without a true low point?? Of course, I’d prefer not to be woken up multiple times a night which seems the norm lately, but apparently I’m adjusting to it since it no longer jumps out as a low point.


I shared it on Instagram, but last Saturday I went shopping with my friend for an entire afternoon. I bought 3 things – a pair of jeans on my 2020 wish list, lipgloss (in Fruitjuice) and an Apolis market bag. 


I finally finished The Boys in the Boat early this week. It was a longer read, but a great one. I didn’t know anything about rowing before I started. It seems like such a grueling sport! Now I’m back to The Flatshare.

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