Weekend Roundup: No. 260

Weekend TBR Pile

What a week. Did anyone know at the beginning of the week that this is how Friday would look? Our near term reality quickly set in on Wednesday as sports teams cancelled events or suspended entire seasons and the markets continued to collapse. 

In Colorado, the virus continues to spread from the initial cases in the mountains to now in Denver and surrounding suburbs. We had 49 confirmed cases when I checked Thursday night. I’m sure that it’s higher this morning and will continue to climb. 

In our community, the school district is on an extended spring break starting today. While Lawson and Sybil’s preschool is still open, we’ve made the decision for them to stay home effective today. 

Our rec center, library and other community buildings will be closed beginning on Saturday. I went to the grocery store on Thursday night. It was eerily empty of certain staples. 

We have tickets to see Daniel Tiger tomorrow that strangely hasn’t been cancelled yet. I called to try to get a refund yesterday and was on hold for 15 minutes before getting a message to try again later. 

For now, we’re taking social distancing seriously and staying home as much as possible for the foreseeable future. 

I’ve always been a worrier and since I had kids that worrying has manifested into full blown anxiety at times. This week is certainly one of those times. I found Julia’s post about anxiety in the time of coronavirus to be comforting and helpful. 

I think what will help me over the next few weeks is working out (I like to run outside and do a barre3 online course), meditating daily via Headspace (or maybe multiple times a day), putting away my phone and playing with Lawson and Sybil, and escaping into a book or TV show. 

Speaking of TV, I was looking for a show to watch the other night and came across The West Wing. I was a fan of the series when it originally aired and am happy to report it’s just as good 20 years later. The writing is superb. Jim joined me for the end of the first episode. Now we watch two almost every night. Some of the topics are very interesting to see how it’s played out in the past 20 years. I highly recommend it.

When all else fails, online shopping has an uplifting, albeit temporary, effect on me. If you feel the same, check out my spring wish list. All the Madewell items are 25% off. My go to fleece is 20% off through the weekend (it hardly ever goes on sale). I recommend the Park Slope. If you get the vello fleece, I’d go up one size. 

Stay home if you can and stay safe. 


We had a fun playdate on Wednesday afternoon with Lawson’s classmate. I made a quick batch of peanut butter balls to bring along. They were so good we ate them all!


The endless news cycle of COVID-19 and my related anxiety. 


I was influenced by Grace when she shared a photo of herself wearing Supergoop Glow Screen. I ordered it from Sephora using a gift card and received it this week. Oh my gosh, it is good. There’s SPF 40 and a slight tint that makes you look like you’re wearing an Instagram filter IRL. Glow Screen meets Sephora’s clean beauty standards too. 


I’m in the first 100 pages of City of Girls and also picked up Anna K at the library. Anyone else feel like there’s too many books they want to read?? I have plenty to get me through the next couple of weeks and can always place a last minute order with our favorite local bookstore, Tattered Cover. They are offering free shipping on orders over $30 until further notice. Remember to support your local small businesses as they will be hit hard in the coming weeks and perhaps months.

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