What I Wore: No. 18

This is the second post in a row I’d like to start with…what a week. I went from dressing for sunshine and almost 70 to hardly wanting to get out of my pajamas.

Madewell Top

SATURDAY: shirt // jeans // shoes // tote

Still loving and wearing these jeans a ton!

The Striped Sheep Tee

SUNDAY: shirt // jeans // sneakers // tote

Kule Striped Tee

TUESDAY: shirt // sweater // jeans // sneakers // tote

Another day, another striped shirt.

Madewell Overalls

WEDNESDAY: shirt // overalls // sneakers // tote

As you may have noticed, I don’t wear overalls very often. I need to sell a few things on Poshmark and decided to wear them before listing them. They were cuter and more comfortable than I remember, but I still don’t know if a 43.5 year old really needs to wear overalls.


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