Weekend Roundup: No. 261


I wanted to start off today’s post with 3 things I’m grateful for. 

  1. That we have the opportunity to stay at home with minimal disruption to our day to day. Jim is able to work from home and we don’t have to juggle working full-time while caring for our kids.  
  2. Lawson and Sybil have adapted to all of the time at home like champs. 
  3. The open space behind our home to run, walk and roam while still maintaining our social distancing. 

On the days I can get up before the kids, I’d like to start it off with the same practice. Even with a global pandemic and looming recession, we have a lot to be thankful for.

How was week 1 of social distancing? Up until Thursday, it went better than I expected. It must be so confusing for kids to understand why they can’t run up to the neighbors, why school is closed, etc. Lawson and Sybil have really handled it so well. We did new activities, went on adventure walks and played games. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Lawson twisted his ankle. For the next 36 hours it was like he was our baby again crawling or getting carried everywhere. By yesterday afternoon he had improved and was able to hobble around. I predict he’ll be running by Sunday.

Sybil woke up on Wednesday morning congested and with a low grade fever. By that night, her fever was up to 102.5 and she was complaining about her chest, throat and eyes hurting. I called the pediatrician and was told to manage her fever at home with Tylenol and to bring her to a special respiratory clinic if she started to have trouble breathing. I was also told she should be isolated at home for 10-14 days. 

She woke up this morning with a little more energy and pep. We’re headed in the right direction.

It should come as no surprise that Thursday was basically a TV day at our house. I don’t feel bad about it one bit. Over the next several weeks (months?), we’ll have a lot of time for fun, new activities. It’s okay if there are days we stay in our pajamas and watch tv. 

If you’re in the mood to shop, there are certainly some sales I never thought I’d see. Nordstrom has 25% off a ton of items, including these white Birkenstock sandals from my spring wish list. 

Tucknernuck has 20% off, including my very favorite Saint James striped shirt.

Anthropologie has 25% off everything, including the new light wash jeans I’ve been wearing non-stop. Well, whenever I leave the house that is. 

This weekend will be more of the same for us. Staying inside and getting out when we can. As Lawson’s teacher reminded me, make some time for yourself too. Even if that means the kids watch TV. And for the love of God, please stay away from others. In the long run of our lives, this is a small sacrifice to make.


All the time outside this week. From adventure walks with the kids to solo running in the open space, time spent outdoors is good for my mind and body. 


In a lighter low point, my orthodontist closed their office for two weeks. The whole braces for 6 months is looking to turn into a lot longer. 


I ordered this shirt dress in the striped version from Banana Republic last week before everything got crazy. It’s really cute. The waist has elastic in the back so the tie doesn’t go all the way around, which I  like. Even though it’s a midi dress, it also has slits on each side to let a little more leg show. And it has pockets! The striped is a little see through, but I read online the white version is lined.


Jim and I have been watching The West Wing at night, which has been cutting into my reading time. I’m still working my way through City of Girls and continuing to add to my TBR pile with an order of Open Book and I’ll Give You the Sun from our local bookstore. 

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