Weekend Roundup: No. 275


Hello, hello! This week seemed to go faster than some weeks in recent memory. I tried to introduce a little more structure and planned out the week in advance. 

Monday we went to a playground and searched for a treasure, Tuesday we did “schoolwork” and an appointment at the pediatrician, Wednesday we went for a hike, Thursday was an errand in the morning and golf in the afternoon, and today the kiddos have speech therapy. It’s too early to deem it a complete success, but I do think it’s been helpful. 

My girlfriend raves about Colorescience 3 in 1 eye renewal. It’s currently 25% off at Dermstore. I had been using the Ilia concealer, which I like but it hurts my eyes. Not exactly a full blown allergic reaction, but some kind of reaction. So I’m thinking of making the switch. 

This morning I sent out what I hope to be the first of many monthly newsletters! I had wanted to create a newsletter for 2-3 years, but the email system I was using was really cumbersome. There’s a new product on the market that is so much easier to use. 

I promise I won’t inundate you with emails – I’m planning on a monthly edit, weekly roundup (which would replace the standard email whenever there’s a new blog post) and maybe random sale alerts. It’s been fun to learn something new and I’m pretty excited about it!

Lawson and Sybil has their 5 and 4 year old well check appointments earlier this week. I felt totally safe. Everyone has to wear masks, they do temperature checks before you get into the main part of the building, and they are only doing well visits. Lawson and Sybil are both following their trajectories – Lawson is tall and slim, Sybil is petite (she’s still wearing size 2 shirts) – and that’s probably the way they are always going to be. 

I am pro-vaccine, but have chosen to delay certain vaccinations for Lawson and Sybil. Most pediatricians are obviously pro-vaccine and I get so nervous before their appointments. I refresh my research and give myself a pep talk about how I’ve done my research, I’m their mother and I know what’s best for them, etc. I still started sweating from nervousness as soon as I walk into the office. All is well though – they didn’t kick us out of the practice. Lawson had to get one shot (his 5th and final DTaP) and was very brave. 

This weekend we are celebrating a good week with ice cream this afternoon (Lawson and Sybil have done all of their chores), Jim is golfing tomorrow and we have a few home projects to complete. 


There isn’t one standout moment from the week, but a couple of smaller moments that made me feel gratitude. Lawson had his last golf lesson of the summer session yesterday. Last year there were tears when we made him finish out the baseball and soccer seasons. That never happened with golf this summer. There’s something wonderful about watching your kids find activities that they love.

When we got home from golf, Sybil sat next to me on the couch, gave me a kiss and said “I just love to do anything with you, even sit on the couch.” She is such a sweetheart. 


Our hike this week didn’t go as planned. We only made it 10 minutes before Lawson soaked his shorts (he was sitting on his hydration pack and it leaked all over him) and we had to turn around and head back to the car. 


The slip scrunchies are going to be on my Nordstrom Anniversary sale top 10 list. They are the only scrunchie I’ve used that truly does not give me a crease. They are also sold at Dermstore in a smaller set that sometimes goes on sale for 20% off. I bought a set that I’m going to break up for holiday gifts. 


I picked up One to Watch from my TBR pile this week and am slowly getting into it. 

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