5 Random Things: No. 4

Sunday Candle Co

I’m back with another 5 things that are making me happy this month, including a bonus show, book and album I’m loving! 

ONE // Sunday Candle Co: I bookmarked Sunday Candle Co. on Instagram several months ago and then promptly forgot about it. When my family was visiting I wanted to put together a welcome bag of items made in Colorado. I re-discovered Sunday Candle Co. and ordered the el sol and mountain west. As soon as I got them, I fell in love and ordered two more. The el sol is my favorite. We have it in our half bath and every time I go in there I can smell it. It makes me happy. 

TWO // Banana Republic Shirt Dress: This has been the standout dress of the summer. I reach for it more than any other. It’s incredibly comfortable. The cinched waist in back and side slits make it more flattering than other shirt dresses that I’ve tried.

THREE // Brightland Olive Oil: I first saw Grace rave about Brightland Olive Oil. It took months, but I finally bought a bottle. It lives up to the hype. Most days I have a rice square with avocado, olive oil and bagel seasoning for lunch. Splurging for a great quality olive oil makes the 135th lunch I’ve had at home the past few months feel more special. 

FOUR // Birkenstock Arizona Sandal: I am a broken record at this point. I wear these sandals every single day. I’ve had them for four years and my cost per wear at this point is pennies. There’s something about slipping them on for the first time each spring. It’s 

FIVE // Coyo Dairy-Free Yogurt: While I don’t know that I’m technically lactose intolerant, I tend to steer clear of dairy because I just don’t feel great when I eat it. We made a batch of my favorite granola before a family vacation (my dad loves it too) and I grabbed a couple of Coyo yogurts to try from Whole Foods. The yogurt + granola combo is pretty freaking delicious. 

WATCH // The Speed Cubers: When Jim played this documentary one recent night, I thought it might be a quarantine low. Turns out I could not have been more wrong. The documentary follows two cubers in the lead up to the 2019 championships. It’s interesting, inspiring and heartwarming. 

READ // The Hate U Give: I have read some really great books in 2020. One at the top of the list is The Hate U Give. It’s YA, but I think every age range (13 years old +) would find it eye opening. I will make sure Lawson and Sybil read it when they are old enough. It’s one of a handful of books I feel should be required reading (Unbroken is also on that list). 

LISTEN // folklore by Taylor Swift: Let me preface this by making clear I am not a massive Taylor Swift fan. I have not previously purchased any of her music. I don’t know what drove me to take the plunge with her latest album, folklore, but I did within days of its release. I could not be more obsessed with it. There isn’t a song I don’t like. They are catchy, calming and uplifting at the same time (don’t ask me how, but they are). I realize I’m extremely late to the party, but Taylor is a very talented songwriter.

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