Weekend Roundup: No. 278


Happy Friday! Does anyone else feel like this weekend should be a holiday one? I don’t know why I keep forgetting Labor Day isn’t for another 10 days. I guess I should be soaking up the last of summer!

Lawson had a virtual meeting with his teacher on Monday and we got to pick up all of his supplies. On Tuesday, we celebrated Sybil’s birthday. For only the third time since March, Jim had to go into the office for the day. Lawson and I took the birthday girl to the rec center for an hour of swimming fun. Two of her preschool classmates stopped by to say happy birthday. Sybil opened lots of presents and we ate cake with pink frosting. 

The rest of the week, we were feeling a bit blue after all of the birthday celebrations. Or maybe that was just me. We did go to the driving range for our weekly golf session where I try to make sure they don’t break any golf rules by running on the putting green or meandering out of their space on the range (it’s a constant fear of mine that they get hit by someone else’s club mid-swing). 

Last weekend I watched Homecoming on Netflix. It’s a documentary about Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance. It was amazing. I forgot she’s such a fierce singer. At one point I turned to Jim and said “I’m in awe of other people’s talents.” The singer and dancing is phenomenal. 

The entire performance was a nod to Black history. Beyonce talked about the importance of HBCUs in this Rolling Stone article. The marching band was amazing. I highly recommend watching Homecoming if you’re a fan of Beyonce, dancing or high energy performances. 

I subscribed to Headspace at the beginning of the year. I don’t meditate daily, although that’s still a goal of mine. I use it 3-4x a week when I’m going to sleep and occasionally throughout the day if I feel my anxiety is particularly high or patience is low. 

Headspace recently launched a kids meditation series with Sesame Street characters. Lawson loves it and does one every night before bed. There are six different meditations in the series and they are each 3 minutes long. If he gets frustrated during the day, I try to get him to practice the breathing he learns in the meditations. It doesn’t always work, but it’s been helpful.

I saw this navy nightstand coming out at Target in September and fell in love. Now I need to put together a budget and proposal to redo our bedroom furniture. A solid PowerPoint presentation should be convincing. :) 

This weekend Jim is playing in a two day golf tournament. It is my least favorite kind of tournament. The weather is finally cooling down so hopefully the kids and I will be outside more than we have recently. 

Lawson starts the fall session of his golf lessons on Saturday afternoon. Other than that, I have zero plans for the kids which reminds me I better get on that. A weekend without plans is never our best. Does organizing our closets count as quality time with the kiddos?? Enjoy the last weekend in August!


Watching our little girl turn four with a huge smile on her face.


The smoke from wildfires in Colorado and California has been so bad the past two weeks. Some mornings you can smell the smoke in the air. We’ve finally had rain in the afternoon, which will help the fires and clear out the smoke.

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