Weekend Roundup: No. 289


We’re halfway through January. That’s something, right? I don’t have the words to describe how I feel these days. I need to break my habit of constantly refreshing the NY Times app and checking Twitter. Sometimes it can be too much to process.

We started off the week with a better than average Monday. Lawson does so much better with online school when I sit with him and participate. (Not in his actual class – that would take helicopter parenting to a whole new level.) It’s tough to balance helping him stay engaged with Sybil’s desire to play and my own wishes for alone time. But, it’s always a better day when I engage with both of them more. 

One of my focuses this week is getting outside for at least 20 minutes a day regardless of the weather. As of this writing, we’re 4 for 4! 

Yesterday the sun was shining and even though I knew it was chilly (35-40 degrees), we still went for an afternoon walk. It was windy and so much colder than I realized, but Sybil wanted to bring a bag to pick up trash (🤷‍♀️) which ended being a great idea. It was so windy that trash was flying around and it made the cold walk into a fun game. 

We’ve been in quarantine for 8 days so my family can drive to visit us this weekend! Of course it wouldn’t be 2020/2021 without a snow storm messing with our plans, but fingers crossed it’s clear to travel on Saturday. I cannot wait to see them! 


Making a point to workout – a mix of running, online barre3 and workouts from my trainer.


The general feeling of being “stuck” in the constant every day is the same mentality.

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