Weekend Roundup: No. 290

I’m going to try something new this week by sharing outfits from the week in my usual weekend roundup post.

shirt // sweater // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap

This week I had a mini “aha” moment. The past few weeks (months?) I have a really good week followed immediately by a week when I feel completely unmotivated to do anything. This week was the latter. I notice it in my outfits – lots of Dudley Stephens fleece turtlenecks and Everlane cardigan. It’s as if I needed a hug from my clothing. 🤗

It’s been much colder than normal for Colorado and while I got outside with Lawson and Sybil a couple of times, it was less than a normal week.

fleece (in terry) // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap

Today marks day 13 of my current Whole30 round. Maybe it’s the weather or my mood, but I want all.the.things. The sweet corn muffins I made last Sunday, cupcakes we’re picking up today to start the long weekend, Valentine’s Day treats. All in all though, it’s going well. I’ve lost exactly zero weight, which is a little disappointing but not unsurprisingly considering my activity levels. It’s been eyeopening how often I reach for food when I’m bored or need a pick me up.

fleece (in terry) // jeans // sneakers // hat // jacket // bag // strap

I was quite proud last Friday when we headed to the park. It was cold and windy. I set my timer for 20 minutes and told Lawson and Sybil we could head back to the car after it went off. We stayed an extra 30 minutes, which proves once you get out there it isn’t so bad.

The jeans I’m wearing in almost every single of these outfits are on sale, along with everything at Madewell (20% off for Insiders, free to sign up). The items I own and wear often: high rise skinny jeans (on sale + 20% off, I cut the hem on mine), black mid-rise skinny jeans, zip-top tote, denim jacket (go up 1-2 sizes), and white jeans (on sale +20% off, only 4 sizes left).

hat // mask // fleece (in terry) // jeans // sneakers // jacket (similar, 40% off) // bag // strap

Like much of the country, this weekend is forecast to be very cold (a high of 5 on Sunday!). 🥶 We’ll spend much of it inside doing Valentine’s Day activities from Magic Playbook and celebrating love and friendship on Sunday. To be clear, before kids I wasn’t into Valentine’s Day. Add in a pandemic and I’m all about it now. Anything to have a holiday to look forward to!

shirt // sweater // jeans // sneakers // bag // strap


Lately I’ve been laying with Lawson for 20-30 minutes at night. We have the best conversations. He’s naturally curious and asks a ton of questions. This week he wanted to know about the days he and Sybil were born.


My almost complete lack of motivation. If my theory holds true, next week should be the opposite so onward!

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