Weekend Roundup: No. 293

Happy Friday! We started off the week wearing shorts (well at the least the kiddos) and are expecting a snowstorm tonight. The vast change is one of the reasons I love living in Colorado. I check the weather forecast every morning!

This week we spent a ton of time outside. I went for a run two days in a row, Lawson and Sybil played with the hose in our backyard and had to change their clothes 3x in one day, and we ate lunch on our deck. 

We had a bunch of meetings for our basement to figure out light and outlet placement and our flooring (a mix of laminate and carpet). On one of the walls we’re putting up a rock climbing wall with monkey bars. This DIY is our inspiration. After a lot of brainstorming (mostly by Jim), we agreed we want the space to be a place for all of us to be active. We’ll have our workout equipment in the basement and ways for the kids to run around and burn energy.  We still have 3-4 weeks of construction to go, but we’re all getting excited for the space. 

I ordered a bunch of swimsuits to try on and kept one, the Ruched Backflip in Hydrangea. It’s a beautiful shade of blue. I wanted to keep another one, but after getting some advice from a friend ultimately decided the cost per wear was not low enough to keep it (it was $$$$). 

After the nose piece fell off my sunglasses yet again, I picked 5 options from Warby Parker’s home try on. Pretty sure I’ve settled on the Laurel style.

Yesterday Sybil’s big kid bed was delivered (she had been sleeping in her converted toddler bed). We got the Ever Simple Twin, which is the same one as Lawson has. Sybil did a great job sleeping in it last night. She was really excited to go to bed, especially to sleep in her new sheets, so it took an extra 20 minutes but otherwise it was perfect.

Lawson and Sybil share a room and it’s a little tight with a dresser and two twin beds, but I think we can still get another year or two out of the arrangement. For anyone thinking about their kids sharing a room, they rarely wake each other up. They’ve shared a room for almost 4 years and it’s really all they know.


Last Sunday, Lawson and I started and finished an 1000 piece puzzle (with a little help from Jim and Sybil). The entire time I kept thinking how cool it was that we were doing it together.


No real low points this week!

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