Weekend Roundup: No. 298

Under the Southern Sky

After a couple of weeks of feeling a little down, I sensed a shift in my attitude last weekend that continued this week. It’s been very nice to have our basement finished. Not only is the extra space great, the chaos of construction was getting to me. I learned I would not do well living through a bigger remodel!

Lawson is finished with most of his online school by lunchtime. He has one class in the afternoon (rotates between PE, music, art). Last week we skipped one afternoon class and went to the Children’s Museum. Yesterday afternoon we went to the Denver Zoo. Getting Lawson to focus on school has been a challenge since spring break. Mixing up our weekly routine has been good for all of us.

Jim got his second dose of the COVID vaccine on Monday. Mine is next Wednesday. I’m not looking forward to any side effects, but I am very much ready to be fully vaccinated.

I bought Jim two vintage golf flags for his birthday. We got them back from Framebridge yesterday and they look great. Excited to hang them in the basement this weekend. (I picked the Pebble and Bandon flags – both courses he’s golfed. What I didn’t realize is the green and red could be a little Christmasy.)

Sybil has one more session of occupational therapy next week. I’m proud of the progress she’s made. Due to COVID she had to go into the building without me. After a year of spending almost every moment together that was no small feat. I’ve learned tools to help her and feel like I understand her personality more. It’s been almost two weeks without a tear or scream in the car!

We have our new normal Saturday schedule tomorrow – soccer followed by golf. Watching your kids do something they love has to be one of the best parts of parenthood. Lawson likes soccer and loves golf.

I’m currently reading Under the Southern Sky while taking a pause on A Promised Land. I plan to read it outside this afternoon under the sunshine while sipping an iced tea (and letting my kids do whatever it is they want). It’s going to be a good day!

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