Weekend Roundup: No. 299

Happy Friday! We started off the week having our house professionally cleaned for only the second time we’ve lived here. After the dust of basement construction, I wanted to start fresh. I forgot how nice it is when your house is clean all at the same time! It was a really nice way to start the week. 

We had a taste of pre-pandemic days when Jim had to go to the office 2.5 days this week for meetings + had back to back work dinners. I had grown to really dislike bedtime, but we successfully managed through it 

On Wednesday morning I got my second vaccine! Since Jim wasn’t home, I had to bring Lawson and Sybil with me. It turned out to be easier than I thought, except for the period when Sybil wouldn’t share her seat with Lawson. She can be very stubborn. Still it was easier than taking them to Whole Foods later in the day!

I took a nap on Wednesday afternoon and Jim handled bedtime once he got home that night. I had many of the classic side effects – body aches, low fever, headache, chills, sore arm- for most of the night. By Thursday morning I felt much better and was able to get out of bed until early afternoon when I felt wiped out. 

I took Tylenol every 8 hours and that seemed to really help, along with a lot of Gatorade. So thankful for scientists and healthcare workers, essential workers, and really everyone that got us through the past year and to the point of effective vaccinations a year into a global pandemic. 

The New York Times has an interesting interactive about whether or not you live in a political bubble. You enter your address and find out the political affiliation of the nearest 1000 voters.

I’ve narrowed down my new car search to the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, Honda Passport, and Subaru Ascent. I go back and forth between all of them, but need to decide soon. With golf season and kid activities, the need for two cars is more apparent. 

After getting a random 20% off promo a few weeks ago, I bought a pair of Agolde jeans. I had tried the brand last year but didn’t like the fit. So many people love them and I wanted to give them another try. I did a ton of research…because they don’t have a lot of stretch I was hesitant to go with my normal size. All the reviews said to expect the jeans to be tight at first and then meld to your body. (One review suggested wearing them in the bathtub for 30 minutes- WTF??! I did not try it.). Seeing as I’ve worn them most days since they arrived, it’s safe to say I’m also a fan. 

This afternoon I’m kicking off Mother’s Day weekend with my first pedicure since 2019. We have our regular Saturday activities for Lawson (soccer and golf). I’ve made my intention not to cook on Sunday clear for the past week. We shall see how that goes!

Wishing all the moms and mom figures an early happy Mother’s Day! And if the day is hard for you, sending you love and hugs. ❤️

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