Weekend Roundup: No. 306

How was your week? We have our first full week of school completed and two tired, and happy, kids on our hands. Lawson and Sybil continue to love school. I was reminded this week that isn’t a sure thing and to be extra grateful this transition has gone as well as it has. 

As for me, some days I still get emotional dropping Lawson off and watching him walk into school with his classmates. It just feel so big. 

I’ve gotten a mix of things accomplished this week in my alone hours – baked Sybil a birthday cake, sold a few things on Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace, organized the kids closet, went for a run, and finally finished my reading list blog post. 

The milestones continued in our house this week with Sybil’s 5th birthday! It was a fun day filled with cake, gifts and family FaceTimes. 

On Sunday night Jim and I closed out my birthday weekend with dinner reservations at El Five. It was so good – everything we ordered was delicious. We came home to find out our garage door broke. Thankfully it happened when my car was out of the garage so we could still get to school on Monday morning. The springs were replaced by Monday night and we’re back in business. 

I used some of my birthday money to order a Smoke and Slate knit kit. I’m going to attempt to knit a hat for Lawson. We will see how it goes! I’d like to progress from beginner to intermediate and knit myself the super chunk hat with a fun pompom. 

This weekend we start fall activities with soccer for Sybil and golf for Lawson. Our neighbor shares a birthday with Sybil (one year younger) and we’re going to celebrate them with pizza and cake on Saturday night. 

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