What I Wore: No. 13

Had I not fallen asleep at 8pm on Saturday night, I would have published this post much earlier. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and didn’t even wash my face or brush my teeth. I can’t remember the last time that happened. My body definitely needed it.

Everlane Cashmere Sweater

SUNDAY: sweater // jeans // sneakers // jacket // tote

On Sunday we went to our first Nuggets game and Lawson and Sybil’s first basketball game. We were parking when I got the alert that Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. It was very surreal going to a basketball game while processing that news. Oh, and sometimes your 4-year old photographer cuts off your head in the picture.

Culk Rainbow Sweatshirt

MONDAY: sweatshirt (use link for $20 off your order) // jeans // sandals

I kept it very casual for laundry day.

Tissue Turtleneck

TUESDAY: shirt // jeans // sneakers (similar) // coat // tote

Culk Sweatshirt

WEDNESDAY: sweatshirt (use link for $20 off your order) // jeans // sandals

This is the face of a very tired woman. I was up from 1-4am with Sybil and not happy about it.

Lululemon Align Leggings

THURSDAY: tank (not shown) // leggings // sneakers // jacket // tote

Madewell Denim Jacket

FRIDAY: sweater // jeans // shoes // scarf // jacket // tote

Closed out the week in basically the same outfit I started it in!

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