What I Wore: No. 31

I’m trying to be more on top of posting the outfits I wear each week. Below are my Monday through Friday looks from this week. I tried to mix and match a few items I hadn’t worn together before. Some worked and others didn’t, but that’s part of the fun!

dress // shirt // sneakers // bag // strap

Is this the best outfit I’ve ever put together? Not by a long shot. It actually makes me laugh a bit. Although the weather wasn’t cooperating, I was desperate to wear a dress and so tired of wearing the sweaters in my closet that I couldn’t put them on again. Sometimes looking a little frumpy is worth it!

shirt // sweater // jeans // boots // bag // strap
sweater // jeans // sneakers // bag

I mentioned it in my Instagram post, but I bought this sweater last year and had never worn it. I have several other colors in the same sweater, but this version is more see through which I didn’t like until I realized it’s perfect for spring! I was warm and felt more spring-like in the lighter color.

shirt // jeans // shoes // bag // strap

A striped shirt and leopard shoes are my go to.

shirt (old) // jeans // shoes // bag // strap

I have to admit before I left the house on this day, I changed into a fleece and sneakers. It was still too cool for this outfit. Soon!

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