Summer Packing List for a Week in the Mountains

A few weeks ago, we headed to the mountains for a week with my family. We had planned a family vacation to Big Sky, Montana, but cancelled it due to COVID. Instead, my parents, brother and his girlfriend drove out to Colorado. We split our time between our house and a rental property in Winter Park.

In the midst of this crazy year, it was so nice to see family and spend time together. We cooked the majority of meals at the house and did a lot of socially distanced activities outdoors – mini golf, paddle boarding, walking, and hiking.

Every summer I like to put together a packing list that also serves as a sort of capsule wardrobe. While we weren’t in the mountains a full week, I still brought most of these items. I tend to pack a little more when we’re driving (vs. flying) and this trip was no exception, but I’m okay with that!


ONE // Black Flutter Sleeve Top: I have last year’s version of this top and rotate it with the white. It’s perfect with a pair of jeans or shorts.

TWO // White Flutter Sleeve Top: Similar to the black top above, I wear this top when I want to be a little dressier than a plain tee or tank while still maintaining a maximum level of comfort.

THREE // Muscle Tank: You’ll always find at least one muscle tank in my bag for summer vacations either in black or grey. I don’t know why I prefer muscle tanks, but I do.

FOUR // Striped Shirt: The weather in the mountains can fluctuate a lot. I love a striped shirt any time, but especially for cooler temperatures. It’s easy to pair with shorts or jeans.

FIVE // Muscle Tank: My friend gifted me this tank and I absolutely love it. I wear it once a week so it was a no brainer to include for our trip.

SIX // Striped Shirt: Since Sybil and I have matching rainbow striped shirts, I couldn’t pass up bringing another and the opportunity to match with her.

SEVEN // Striped Shirtdress: This striped shirtdress is one of my best purchases of the spring and summer. The cinched waist and side slits make for a very flattering fit.

EIGHT // Denim Jacket: The first time I stepped out of the car, I regretted forgetting a denim jacket. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

NINE // House Dress: It isn’t summer without a house dress in regular rotation. It’s great for wearing in or out of the house.


TEN // Summer Wash Jeans: I’ve been wearing these light wash jeans all spring and summer.

ELEVEN // Distressed Shorts: I’m partial to a lighter, distressed denim short and have the Agolde Parker in swapmeet and riptide. The Agolde Dee shorts are slightly longer (and perhaps more appropriate for one approaching their mid-40s, ha!)

TWELVE // Washed Black Jeans: After years of trying different pairs, I decided I prefer washed over true black jeans. They look just as good in summer as they do in winter. I especially like them with an off-white top, like the Arizona muscle tank above.

shoes & accessories

THIRTEEN // Sandals: I’ve been wearing the Birkenstock Arizona sandals in copper almost daily in the summer for the past four years. I don’t leave home without them (and have the tan marks to prove it).

FOURTEEN // Fedora Hat: When you want to cover your head, but look a wee bit dressier.

FIFTEEN // Shearling Sandals: I can’t be the only person that brings two pairs of Birkenstocks on a week vacation, right? These were my indoor sandals for the week.

SIXTEEN // Zip Top Tote: I’ve been using this tote daily for the past year. You can read my full review of it here.

SEVENTEEN // Baseball Hat: Because that mountain sun is no joke. A burnt head is the worst.

EIGHTEEN // Market Tote: I threw our face coverings and water bottles in this market tote for mini-golfing and walking around Winter Park.

lounge & swim

NINETEEN // Short Pajama Set: If you’ve been following for awhile, you know I love my Lake Pajamas. They are soft and comfortable. I run hot at night so the short set was perfect even in the mountains. I threw on a sweatshirt in the mornings and evenings.

TWENTY // One-Piece Swimsuit: Almost every rental in the mountains has a hot tub. This one piece sucks you in in all the right places.

TWENTY-ONE // Long Pajama Set: In addition to the short set, I also brought another set of pajamas with a short top and long bottoms. This is probably my most worn set of Lake Pajamas as I wear them in both the summer and winter.

TWENTY-TWO // Joggers: I’ve raved about these joggers recently in a recent 5 Random Things. They are versatile – you could wear them to bed, during the day with a tee/tank or to workout.

TWENTY-THREE // Sweatshirt: Made by a small brand in California, this rainbow sweatshirt is soft and cozy. It’s my favorite sweatshirt I own.


TWENTY-FOUR // Leggings: I was re-introduced to Lululemon Align leggings a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. They are on the thinner side, which makes them especially great for summer in the mountains. I almost always wear mine hiking.

TWENTY-FIVE // Sports Bra: I rotate between a few different options including the Key Bra from Outdoor Voices and the Brooks Juno.

TWENTY-SIX // Workout Shorts: These are almost the only shorts I run in. I’ve recently had some trouble with inconsistent sizing, but the Hudson Short remains my go to.

TWENTY-SEVEN // Workout Tank: I own the Sweatee tank in 3 colors. It’s the perfect length on me (I’m 5’3″), loose without being too loose, and covers my sports bra straps.

If you’re headed to the beach instead, this summer packing list might be helpful.

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