A Letter to Sybil: You’re 3!

Birthday Girl

Sybil Adelaide Cole,

Happy birthday to my sweet lady Sybil! I cannot believe you are 3. Sybil, you are full of determination and spice. You inspire me and drive me crazy every single day.

You are such a little snuggler. Your favorite way to start the day is to wake up before your daddy and brother. You crawl in bed with me, grab my hand and say you just want to cuddle for a little bit. How can I say no??! I will deeply cherish those moments when you’re older and off living your own life.

You love to climb, jump and run. Your legs are quite fast for their size. You are fearless and tough. Where others won’t walk across rocks (🙋‍♀️), it doesn’t phase you in the least.

Lately you’ve started saying “Mommy, I love you all day long, no matter what.” It melts my heart every time.

But your daddy has a special place in your heart. There’s nothing like your run to the door when you hear him come home from work. The hug you give him makes me smile. 

Sybil, you are so strong and determined. When you want a toy and Lawson has it, you more than hold your own. I try to remain neutral on the outside, but on the inside I’m quite proud of you.

Your favorite phrase is “that’s okay, accidents happen” because, well, you have a lot of accidents. You are right though. Somehow you say it exactly when I need to hear it. Although don’t give your brother the benefit of the doubt so much. Hitting you isn’t always an accident! 

You are loving and passionate. You look up to your big brother and often do the same things he does. You also have a scream that I didn’t know was possible and you aren’t shy about using it, particularly when you don’t get your way.

In the past year, your silly and playful side has come out. You’re happy to be the only one in on the joke and will gladly laugh at yourself. 

I am excited to see what the next year has in store for you as you start preschool. I know you will love it and learn so much. 

Sybil, you are fierce and full of fire. I love you with my whole heart, always and forever, no matter what. 

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