Little White Dresses for Spring & Summer



Happy Spring! Does it feel like spring where you are? It definitely does in Phoenix. We’ve been firmly planted in the low 90’s and my allergies have been out of control for the past month. I’m trying to enjoy each day because we’ll soon be well above 90 for the entire summer.


In Friday’s post, I talked about my love of the little white dress. A few years ago I bought a white eyelet dress from Loft that I wore until it was no longer white. I loved that dress and was so sad when I had to retire it. And I’ve had a photo of Serena in a white Oscar de la Renta from an episode of Gossip Girl for years. I’m just waiting for a trip to Greece to re-create it. :)


All of this brings me to today’s post. I’ve rounded up 6 of my favorite current white dresses, including the midi dress I got last week. Now I just need a little tan to go along with it!


lace | midilace peplum | linen v-neck | drapesleeveless shirtdress



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