Running Essentials

Running Essentials

I’ve been running 3-5 days a week for the past couple of months. Running is such good therapy for me. It’s the ultimate stress reliever and makes me feel good. I wrote a post about why I run over 3 years ago and it still holds true. 

Last weekend I ran 9 miles. That’s the farthest I’ve run since before I was pregnant with Lawson! My pace is certainly not fast, but it’s the first time in recent memory that I don’t even care. I’m so proud of myself!

There are 6 items I never go for a run without wearing or bringing. 

  1. Air Pods – After running with my Bose noise cancelling headphones, Jim offered to let me try his Air Pods (that I gave him for his birthday). I’ve used them on every run since. Like I mentioned above, I ran 9 miles last weekend. The Air Pods never fell out or even felt like they were going to. It’s really easy to set them up. I honestly don’t know if I would make it through my long runs without listening to my favorite podcasts or music (I usually start with podcasts and switch to music halfway through a long run). 
  2. Apple Watch – Another one that I essentially stole from Jim. After not getting used for years, when I went to resurrect my Garmin Forerunner it no longer worked and a strap had broke. Being the generous partner he is, Jim offered to let me try his Apple Watch (it’s the 42mm Series 1 GPS, no cellular, with a white band). I wear it almost every day and definitely on every run. It keeps the stats I want (time, mileage, pace). I am very cognizant of closing my activity rings each day.  
  3. Running belt – I mentioned this running belt/fanny pack in a recent Weekend Roundup. I first saw it on Merrick. When I decided to start running more, I ordered it as a place to put my iPhone. It’s a great size to hold my phone, key and an emergency contact card (which right now is a ripped piece of paper with Jim’s name, ha!) It’s so light I sometimes forget I have it on. 
  4. iPhone – This one probably goes without saying since I need my iPhone for the Air Pods and Apple Watch. Yes, I am a walking Apple product. What would I do without my iPhone to take a quick photo, listen to podcasts or music and track my run??
  5. Outdoor Voices Hudson short – I hadn’t bought a pair of running shorts since before I was pregnant with Lawson. When I finally started running again, I realized all the shorts I had before were a little too tight to be comfortable. I am obsessed with Outdoor Voices leggings and wanted to try the shorts. I bought the Hudson short in navy/black and loved them so much I bought another pair in the pebbled rose colorway. They are very comfortable and have a small zippered side pocket that is great for a key. They run TTS to slightly big. If you’re between sizes, I’d order down. It’s now my goal to replace all my too small Lululemon shorts with these! 
  6. Feetures running socks – I exclusively run in Feetures running socks. You can buy them at a ton of places, including Amazon. I’ve even seen them at Athleta. I’ve never gotten blisters when running in them.

In addition to these 6 running essentials, I’ve been loyal to Brooks Adrenaline for years, wear these compression socks after a long run and reach for my Athleta low essence tank more than any other (they sadly don’t it make anymore – Athleta please bring it back!)

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