The Week in Outfits: No. 9

After last week’s repeat of outfits, I did manage to mix it up a bit. My parents and brother arrived on Sunday evening and spent most of the week with us. Lawson and Sybil had such a great Christmas. They were great opening gifts, playing games and mostly appreciative of all they’d been given.

Faux Fur Jacket

SATURDAY: shirt // jeans (similar) // socks // sneakers // jacket (old from banana republic, which has really great coats) // tote

I got dressed for our trip to Ikea and didn’t love my outfit. I felt like it was missing something. So I threw on this jacket that I rarely wear because I think I need a special occasion. Turns out a random Saturday is a great occasion.

Teddy Coat

SUNDAY: shirt // jeans // boots // coat // tote

On Sunday we went to see The Nutcracker, a favorite tradition of mine. Sybil was captivated except for the last 10 minutes when she got antsy.

Outdoor Voices Leggings

MONDAY: jacket // scarf // leggings // boots // tote

I tried on this scarf, didn’t buy it and then went back for it on Thursday. I got it for $20 in store, which is a little less than the online price.

Christmas Eve Style

TUESDAY: sweater // jeans (similar) // boots

This was my Christmas Eve outfit. My dad took the photo with his new iPhone 11 Pro. The quality is so much better!

Hanna Anderson Pajamas

WEDNESDAY: pajamas (top and bottom)

Lawson and Sybil opened their matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. We wore them for 36 hours straight. I love this photo and don’t even know what we were opening. That bearded guy in the background is my brother. You may recognize him from his 15 minutes of fame on College Gameday. :)  Someone in the airport really did recognize him!

Teddy Jacket

THURSDAY: sweater // jeans (similar) // boots // coat // tote

How cute is Sybil in her new shirt and rainboots??!

Tartan Scarf

FRIDAY: sweatshirt // scarf // jeans // sneakers (similar) // jacket // tote

This is the look of an extremely tired mom just trying to keep her eyes open. I’m happy to report I got a 30 minute nap that afternoon.

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