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Wardrobe Essentials: The Crossbody Bag

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One of my wardrobe essentials is a crossbody bag. I’ll admit I didn’t have a crossbody bag in my collection until a trip to Switzerland a couple of years ago. I wanted something I’d be able to easily carry. I picked up the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Ellen and have been a fan ever since. While I may use a tote for everyday, a crossbody bag is essential for the times you don’t need to carry as much. I love mine for traveling, trips to the mall, sporting events and concerts. When traveling, I’ll bring a tote for the flight and stick my crossbody in my tote or suitcase to use when exploring.


There are so many options from classic styles and colors to bucket bags in bright hues. Personally I think it’s a fun opportunity to add some color into your collection, especially if you’re similar to me and most of your everyday bags are neutral. For spring, add a crossbody bag in a bright blue or pink. You can never go wrong with leopard either!


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  1. I also use crossbody bags when traveling, it’s great to keep your money safe and it also leave your hands free for more important things like eating delicious street food and shopping. I want all of Kate Spade’ s bags, even the non crossbody ones ;)

    Published 3.3.15
    • You are absolutely right – it’s perfect for keeping your money safe! And hands free for the important stuff. :)

      Published 3.3.15