We Bought a House!

We bought a house! The best part is we don’t even have to move. We purchased the house we’ve been renting for almost two years. 

When we moved to Colorado in August 2018, we rented the house sight unseen. While I was a little uneasy driving up for the first time, as soon as we settled in and met our neighbors, we felt at home. We somewhat jokingly told the property manager to check with us if the owner ever wanted to sell. 

Fast forward 1.5 years and that’s exactly what happened. Well, there were a few more twists and turns, but in the end it all worked out.

The commute to Jim’s office ranges from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. We looked at homes and neighborhoods closer to his office and just didn’t find anything we loved. Since he’s been working from home for the past 3.5 months now, we decided the commute shouldn’t dictate our home purchase. 

We like being 20 minutes from downtown Denver, 20 minutes from Boulder and closer to Rocky Mountain National Park. I hope I always find the view from the open space by our house as beautiful as I do today.

I took the photo above a few days after we moved in. Lawson and Sybil have experienced many “firsts” in this house. First days of preschool, transitioning out of their cribs, camping trips. When she turns 4 this summer, Sybil will have lived here longer than anywhere else. 

When we were on our way to the closing, Jim asked Lawson and Sybil if they still wanted to buy the house. Lawson quickly responded “yes, I love this house!” I do too, buddy.

To be honest, our closing was a bit anticlimactic. Afterwards, we simply got back in the car and came home to resume our day. It doesn’t feel all that different. I have had a few “this is our house now” moments, which are nice. 

You can check out one of our first projects on Instagram here. The house is in great shape so our project list isn’t too long, but there are definitely things we want to update/change after living in the space for two years. I’m excited for all there is to come in this house!

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