Weekend Roundup: No. 271

I didn’t fully understand all the references to groundhog day until the past two weeks. Gosh, it does feel like so many days are the exact same. 

We did mix it up a bit recently. We had a social distanced play date at the playground with one of Sybil’s classmates. There were lots of snacks and hand sanitizer involved. They all had a blast. 

Lawson started golf lessons last week. To say he is excited each week is an understatement. They have to wear face masks and maintain lots of distance but he still had a blast. Yesterday’s class was cancelled after we got there due to lightning in the area. I rarely see him so sad and disappointed. 

Last weekend we went camping in a new to us spot. It’s a 2.5 hour drive and truly in the middle of nowhere, but was absolutely gorgeous. The state park is at 9,000-12,000 feet with beautiful mountain lakes. Even though we slept terrible and all came back cranky, it was still worth it.

I’ve raved about jacket 01 from One/Third multiple times (worn here). It’s a timeless statement piece that I’ll have for years to come. I love the original ivory and they just released a beautiful navy. So now there are two gorgeous options!

Our home purchase is moving right along. We are scheduled to close on Monday afternoon. Fingers crossed nothing comes up between now and then. We’re so close to the finish! And have a project list a mile long…

I’m in the middle of reading two articles that I’ve found educational. This post from A Cup of Jo on 5 Things I Want to Tell My White Friends and Gaps Between White and Black America, in charts.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, stay safe and wear a mask!


We cancelled our vacation with my family, but they are going to drive to visit us in Colorado for a week. We rented a house in the mountains for a few days. It will be nice to change up our scenery for a week.


More and more, I feel like I’m not taking advantage of this summer. Pretty soon Lawson will be in kindergarten (whatever that is going to look like) and I’ll wish for these lazy summer days. I want to be better at prioritizing their fun each day. I found this free summer camp program from Busy Toddler and plan to use it to help bring some focus and fun to the rest of our summer.


None to report this week.


I brought the Happy Ever After Playlist on our camping trip. I didn’t want to put it down and read it in two days! I grew up in Minnesota and enjoyed that part of the story was based there. At the end I discovered the author lives in Minnesota and started Nadia Cakes, a cupcake shop and custom cake studio with locations in Minnesota and California! I am adding her other book, The Friend Zone, to my wish list and just realized it’s based on two characters from the Happy Ever After Playlist. Now I’m back to Untamed

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