Weekend Roundup: No. 264

Weekend Roundup

What a beautiful week! We’re still under stay home orders here in Colorado, as we should be. Setting that aside, it’s been a great week. The sun shined every day and we spent hours upon hours outside, mostly in our backyard. 

It can be hard to find positives during this strange and scary period of life. Setting aside the terrible news that continued, this week was a good one. I felt less anxious. We were all happier. I ran four days in a row. 

Yesterday was Lawson’s birthday. He happily pronounced it to be a great birthday. We had all his favorite meals, baked a cake, and FaceTimed with all of our family while he opened their gifts. He spent the better part of 12 hours putting together a massive LEGO set. 

We have a day to rest and relax before celebrating Jim’s birthday tomorrow and then Easter on Sunday. I’ve slacked a little this year on making Jim’s birthday special. We’ll see if I come up with anything brilliant in the next 24 hours. I’m not holding my breath. I did order him a 3 pound bag of gummy bears so there’s that.

I ordered Easter dinner from a local restaurant – ham, a veggie and a potato side along with a salad. We’ll hide eggs for Lawson and Sybil to find and they’ll each have a basket to go through. It’s supposed to be cold and snowy on Sunday. Maybe there’s an easter movie marathon in our future??

I read a blog post this week about how not to murder your significant other during quarantine. It’s as funny as you might imagine. 


Seeing Lawson’s excitement and joy on his birthday. If I’m half excited for my birthday in a few months, I’ll consider it a great day. 


Other than a global pandemic, I don’t have another low point to add this week!


One/Third is offering 33% off all their jackets in honor of their 1-year anniversary tomorrow, April 11th. I have and love Jacket 01. I think it runs TTS, but if you want it to fit loser, I would go up a size. 


I started Open Book by Jessica Simpson and am shocked at how much I’m enjoying it. She’s honest and funny. I’ve taken a few nights off from reading it because I don’t want it to be over!


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