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Now that I’ve done a handful of rounds of Whole30, I thought it might be helpful to put together a post of resources for anyone starting their first Whole30. 


I’ve completed two full rounds of Whole30 where I strictly followed the guidelines. I’ve done another 30-day round with a few exceptions and multiple mini-rounds ranging from 10-14 days. 

I did my first Whole30 mostly out of curiosity. My parents had done it earlier and I was interested in how eliminating certain foods would make me feel. Turns out I felt a lot better, which has been my motivation for doing subsequent rounds of Whole30.

Whenever I feel that I’m not eating as healthy as I’d like, I revert to a Whole30 lifestyle for a period of anywhere from 10 to a full 30 days. Most often it’s the reset I’m looking for. 

Before my first round of Whole30, I was so overwhelmed. I remember planning for days. Now that I know what brands are Whole30 approved and have some favorite recipes, it’s so much easier. I can decide to start tomorrow and it doesn’t throw me for a loop. 

The biggest thing to look out for is sugar. There is added sugar in so many products – marinara, nut butters, condiments. The brands/products listed below are all without added sugar – hopefully that list is helpful as you get started.

I think at a different stage of life, I might feel differently but I rarely miss alcohol when I’m following Whole30. While I do like an occasional glass of wine with dinner or summer cocktail, I don’t normally drink alcohol often enough to miss it. 

Same goes with cheese. I rarely miss it. On the other hand, I crave a good bread from our local bakery (preferably with butter or dipped in olive oil) and chocolate. After a few days on Whole30, I think about an after dinner chocolate treat less, but the craving still comes and goes.


I’ve started checking out cookbooks from the library. It’s a cost-free way to make sure you’re truly going to use them before purchasing. As long as you’re not trying to check them out in January, odds are you have a good shot at being able to use them for 3 weeks (at least at our library)!

The Defined Dish is my absolute favorite cookbook. I use it multiple times a week whether or not I’m strictly followed Whole30. I have a separate post on our favorite recipes from The Defined Dish cookbook.

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom is a great resource. It outlines program in an approachable way and also helps with cooking basics.

Although I haven’t tried it (yet), my friend that’s completed several rounds of Whole30 recommends the Meals Made Simple cookbook.

The Whole30 website has a ton of information, including a timeline (it lists, for example, you’re most likely to quit on day 10 or 11).

Instagram Accounts to Follow

There are a ton of great recipes on Instagram. A few favorites to follow are: The Defined Dish, W30 Recipes, and No Crumbs Left. They all regularly post Whole30 recipes in addition to published cookbooks.

Go To Items

  • Alexia hash browns – The only hash browns I’ve found without added sugar.
  • Nut pods – My personal favorite flavors are hazelnut and cinnamon swirl.
  • Raos marinara – regularly use for spaghetti and chicken parmesan.
  • Ancient Organics Ghee – Best flavor I’ve ever had. It’s $$$ so I use Organic Valley for every day cooking.
  • Siete tortillas – While not technically Whole30 approved, I use these tortillas for carne enchiladas.

Spice Blends

  • Balanced Bites spices (Tex-Mex and Italian regularly)
  • Primal Palate spices (New Bae, Jerk, and Meat & Potatoes)


  • Noble Made sauces (BBQ, Mustard BBQ) 
  • Noble Made ketchup
  • Sir Kensington’s avocado oil mayonnaise 
  • Tessamaes  buffalo sauce

Pantry Items

I find myself using these a lot during a round of Whole30. It’s helpful to have them on hand before you start.

  • Ghee
  • Arrowroot 
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Tapioca flour
  • Almond flour

Other Helpful Items

  • A good cutting board (I love these mini cutting boards from Crate & Barrel)
  • A good knife 
  • Dish soap and sponges (You will do a ton of dishes!)

Photo by Ello on Unsplash

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