What I Bought in January and February

What I Bought in January and February

Hello, hello! It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with work, volunteering for the read-a-thon at Lawson’s school, and general life. Throw in a month of bad colds, followed by COVID for 3 of us and I’m ready for spring. Catching up on what I bought in January and February of this year!

What I Bought in January and February 

Kule Tee Shirts: Kule has an annual sale every January that I always check out. This year I passed on most of the available options, but I did get a striped The Modern for myself (I actually don’t have a lot of short sleeve striped shirts) and a navy and red striped The Charley for Lawson. 

The Striped Sheep shirts: I’ve been a long-time fan of The Striped Sheep after discovering the brand through a women’s networking group and have been an internet friend of the founder for a few years. When Karen announced a sale to clear out some inventory, I immediately placed two orders. I bought the navy/cream and pink Pablos for myself and a couple of the mini Pablo kids versions for Lawson and Sybil. They are such great quality at an amazing steal.

Artifact Uprising calendar: I love to put our family photos into a calendar for the following year. This year I ordered the Walnut Desktop Calendar to put on my desk. 

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning drops: I mix one drop of the medium with my moisturizer every 2-3 nights. It gives my face the right amount of color so I don’t look like it’s the middle of winter.

Casper pillows: After a hilarious (to us) deep clean of our current pillows, we recently upgraded our bedroom pillows to new versions from Casper. 

West Elm stools: We’ve been in need of counter stools for a breakfast table the kids use a lot and finally purchased these from West Elm.

Target sheet set: Along with our pillows, we updated the bedding in our primary bedroom. 

Able Puff Sleeve tee: I have an ivory short sleeve sweatshirt from Emerson Fry last year that I love. I saw the Able puff sleeve tee described as more of a sweatshirt material and since it cost 1/4 of the Emerson Fry, I hit order. It’s not as soft as the Emerson Fry, but I do think I’ll wear it a lot this spring.

Hillhouse Ava: I’d been looking for a dress for my brother’s rehearsal dinner and couldn’t find anything I liked and thought I’d wear again until Hillhouse’s January releases included a few new items. I ordered the Ava and am going to pair it with colorful heels for the dinner. It’s also coming out in a navy, which would actually be my first choice!

Mother Dazzler Straight Leg Jeans: the Dazzler has been my go to style recently. The rise is great for my frame and they have the perfect amount of stretch. 

Sunday Candle Co: I resisted the urge to order more candles during their end of year sale and regretted it. It’s one of my favorite gifts to have on hand to give out to friends, neighbors, etc. So when they had a sale in February, I bought a couple. 

Banana Republic Cashmere sweater: I saw this sweater in store and stalked it for weeks. It finally went on sale for $100 and when combined with a gift card I had, I had to have it. I would absolutely buy it in other colors. It’s incredibly soft and well made.

Lululemon ABC Pant: Jim bought these in the charcoal and really likes them so far.

Personalized Stationary: My brother gave me some other notecards for Christmas. When I used them within weeks, I decided to order some personalized stationary from Etsy. It’s very reasonably priced and I love it!

True & Co. True Body V-Neck Bralette: I owned this in another color and regretted not buying it during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. When I saw it was 25% off, I immediately ordered it in the black. It is so comfortable (I wear it at night).

Haldi Skin: I started using Haldi Skin last fall to help determine which products are best for my skin concerns. With the winter weather my skin had been so dry, I made a couple of changes with their help and placed an order for 3 products. I cannot recommend Haldi enough. 

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