What I Bought in March

Ayr French Fry

What I Bought in March

The month of March was filled with purchases for my brother’s wedding. I bought very little else this month! I’m already working on a post about what I bought in April, which will be a much more “normal” month. 

Reformation Julius Silk Long Sleeve Dress (via Poshmark): I couldn’t quite find a dress I loved for my brother’s wedding and kept ordering and returning a bunch of options until I got lucky with the Reformation Julius. It’s a beautiful shade of green. Nordstrom didn’t have the size I needed so I checked Poshmark and found it! 

Ayr The French Fry: You know I love a striped shirt and added the “piano” to my growing collection. These are slightly oversized in the best way.

Steamer: I knew I’d need a steamer for my silk dress. This one had great reviews and is small enough you could travel with it.

Cleo Neon blossom earrings: I wish I could remember where I first saw these earrings. While I normally wear my diamond studs, these are such a fun pop of color. I wore them with a navy dress for the rehearsal dinner and several times since. 

Girls Dress Shoes: I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on shoes for Sybil to wear to the wedding since I doubted she’d wear them again. These worked great.

Notebook: I’m a sucker for paper products and bought this notebook in a pretty red. It’s a great quality notebook and would make a great gift!

Bow Tie & Suspenders: Lawson was the ring bearer and looked so handsome in this bow tie and suspenders. 

Westman Atelier Vital Skin: I struggle with makeup – I’m not very good at applying it and feel like it can sometimes make me look older, rather than the youthful dewy look I’m going for. The Vital Skin is $$$, but it truly provides the lightest coverage that makes me look like a better version of myself. (You definitely need to be moisturized when you apply the Vital Skin. Don’t skimp on the moisturizer!)

Charlotte Tilburry Pillow Talk: I saw this lipstick on a woman I follow on Instagram and immediately bought it. I like it layer it with a gloss. It’s a subtle look, which is perfect for me since I don’t wear a lot of makeup. 

Hillhouse Ava: For the rehearsal, I wore this dress in navy. It’s a very cute dress that I will be able to wear again and again this summer. 

Madewell Vintage Tee: I popped into a Madewell store with Lawson one afternoon and tried on this graphic tee. I liked the little bit of green and have worn it a bunch under a jacket/blazer.

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